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The Way of Christ

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When I began writing A Greater Reward, the goal was to create a basic training manual for Christians. I missed the mark. A former dean of a Bible College rated the book at a doctoral level. So for my next book I decided to SIMPLIFY. I took one chapter from A Greater Reward and began to turn it into its own book.

The Way of Christ is the working title.

The first believers called themselves “The Way.” The Way of Christ is to imitate God as dear children. Jesus did nothing except He saw His Father in heaven doing it. He said nothing that He didn’t hear His Father in heaven saying.

The Pharisees, despite all their religion, were living lives that did not measure up. Their righteousness was built on doctrine and teaching. It wasn’t built on God being our Father and each of us acting like Him.

Our knowledge of doctrine is profound but we are not living lives worthy of the Lord. So I instead focus the new believer on imitating God.

Here is the chapter outline:

  1. 1) The Way--Salvation--What is means to be a child of God.
  2. 2) Baptism--Step one in following Christ and imitating Him
  3. 3) Filled with the Holy Spirit--Step two in following Christ--becoming a powerful witness--what it means to witness.
  4. 4) Into the Wilderness--the life of self-denial--Step 3 in following Christ. Taking up the cross.
  5. 5) The Father’s Business--Doing Good (Acts 10:38)--God is Good. Chrestians--little do gooders.
  6. 6) God is Faithful--being faithful--the habit of synagogue--imitating Christ.
  7. 7) God is True--the standard--the measure by which we live and walk--His Word is true, faithful and reliable--we also should keep our word--application...
  8. 8) God is Holy--a spoon or a cup can be holy--so can you. Dedication and Commitment to God.
  9. 9) God is Righteous--doing right and being right in a wrong world
  10. 10) God is Just--understanding the Justice of God and how to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly.
  11. 11) God is Love--understanding the love of God and how to walk in love towards others—seeing people through the eyes of God.
  12. 12) God is Sovereign--Understanding choice, will, and Christian liberty.
  13. 13) God is Victory (???)--the overcomer--Overcoming all things
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