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Compassion of God Ministries

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Compassion of God Ministries is based in Faisalabad, Pakistan and is focused on reaching, teaching and training the Pakistani people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please support this worthwhile ministry and its efforts to reach the Pakistani people with the love of Christ!

The fields are white for the harvest!

Preaching, Teaching and Training in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Touching People, Changing Lives

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Fearless Word Publishing

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I have had a heart to write since I was in college (a very long time ago) and worked for a Christian publishing house as an editor for a time before attempting to launch my own publishing company in 1998.

That was interrupted when I was appointed to serve as Probate Judge for Chattahoochee County, Georgia in January 1999.

I launched my publishing company in 2007 under the name Provident Penny Publishing. However, we focused only on web publishing.

When it came time to publish my first book in 2015, I felt certain I could find a publisher for my own book but eventually decided that I would publish under my own label. I wanted a re-brand and so we launched Fearless Word Publishing.


Completed Projects:

  • A Greater Reward (Kindle Version)

Current Projects:

  • The Way of Christ: Basic Training for Christians
  • Joshua Plan for Biblical Success and Prosperity
  • SOAP and Water: Personal Revival in Forty Days (Devotional)
  • A Greater Reward (Print Version) Delayed (TBA)

Future Projects:

  • The Coming Destruction of Islam (Proposed)
  • Spiritual Hunger (Proposed)