Ken Van Horn is a preacher, teacher and author who has been teaching the Word of God since he was 17 years old. He served as a bi-vocational pastor for 26 years in small, rural congregations. His focus is generally the deeper walk with God.

He is also a former county judge and the author of “A Greater Reward.” Now available on Amazon!

The most important day in the life of every real Christian is the day we die and appear before our Lord. The true believer in Christ lives their life for the day of their death and longs to hear “Well done.”A Greater Reward
What is unique about A Greater Reward?

The book:

  1. describes the Judgment Seat of Christ from the view of a Pastor and a Judge.
  2. offers an explanation of suffering based upon the Judgment Seat.
  3. lays out how God deals with sin in the life of believers.
  4. explains how Christ will judge the believer.
  5. explains the Doctrine of Rewards based upon the justice of God.
  6. expounds upon a Doctrine of Loss, something essential but neglected in Protestant teaching.
  7. explains how and why the Early Church rejoiced at persecution and suffering.
  8. explains how to increase your reward when you stand before Christ.

Every member of the Body of Christ who desires to please God and hear Him say, “Well done!” needs the message within this book.

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