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Waiting for God

The Bible gives some extraordinary promises to those who wait for God. Are you waiting for Him? What does this even mean? Read More

Praying the Will of God

Praying the will of God is not hard. Jesus told us the will of God. Are we going to pray for it? Or will we stagger at the words of Jesus and pray for less than God’s best?

Read More

The Danger of Religion

Religion is the outward form we use to draw near to God. “Religion is dangerous!” Someone said. No. Religion is necessary. Joshua sought God twice a day, Daniel three times a day and David seven. It is the scaffolding around our faith. Our faith is the building. The danger of religion is when it surrounds nothing and no building sits in the midst of the scaffolding. The danger of religion is when it replaces the faith it is supposed to support. Read More

More Important than Eating

We say “My relationship to God is very important to me” but how does your priority show up in your daily life? Job declared that God’s Word was more important to him than eating… Read More

Doing Without

Doing without rain increases the productivity of desert soil.

“I got tired of doing without!” John said. John and I went to Bible School together, but he had to withdraw from school after he took his tuition money and spent it on clothes instead of his education. I remember thinking “How shortsighted!”

How many times though do we lose sight of the end goal and sacrifice the future for the sake of our present comfort because we grow tired of doing without? Read More

When God is Silent

cleanse yourself spiritually with SOAP Study in the Word--giving God your whole heart

God is silent when we harden our hearts. Is God hidden from you? Has God gone silent in your life? Read More

Changing Your Focus

Changing your focus is the key to changing your life in every way. Whatever you are struggling with, just change your focus… turn your eyes upon Jesus! Read More

Satisfaction Guaranteed

cleanse yourself spiritually with SOAP Study in the Word--giving God your whole heart

Our lusts are never satisfied! They are like fire, no matter how much wood you add to the bonfire, the fire never says “enough”

What then really satisfies? Read More

Where Obedience Leads

Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Our pursuit of obedience to the Lord may appear riddled with failure but as Edison’s failures led inevitably to success, our pursuit of obedience leads inevitably to righteousness. Read More

Positive Anger

Many Christians are angry at the things they see and hear and justifiably so. We become angry at unfulfilled expectations. While there are times we need to adjust our expectations, there are other times our expectations don’t need adjusting but we need to make the adjustment in our dealings with the ones with whom we are angry. We need a way to turn our anger into something positive and constructive as God does. Read More

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